Veterans Education Benefits


vet counsel

Assistance provided to military and student veterans in Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising, located in 141 Mary Gates Hall, includes many of the same types of advising provided to other students, with special attention given to coordination and collaboration with other campus entities in support of veteran students. For example, veterans who are receiving educational benefits from the Veterans Administration must provide certification that they are taking courses that follow a prescribed path that leads to completion of a given degree. Academic advisers in the Center for Undergraduate Advising, Diversity and Student Success (and across campus) provide this certification to veteran students each quarter.

The UW Veterans Education Benefits staff are available for any questions or issues surrounding any G.I. Bill® educational benefit programs students may be enrolled in.

In addition, advisers routinely suggest ways for students to get involved and connect with the University of Washington community. For veterans this may include any number of student organizations, based upon their interests, as well as student veteran organizations such as H.U.M.V. (Husky United Military Veterans). If veteran students are experiencing difficulties adjusting to civilian and college life, an advisor may recommend that the student speak to someone in the Student Counseling Center.