Veterans Education Benefits


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Your costs while attending the UW will depend on a number of factors including: grade level; residency status; your degree program; where you live; etc.

These 2017-18 budgets were established by the Office of Student Financial Aid to determine student eligibility for federal, state and institutional need-based financial aid. They are based on surveys of students’ costs, comparisons with other schools, input from housing and transportation agencies, and they reflect cost-of-living changes. They cover modest by adequate costs for most students attending this University. Students may submit a Revision Request form to have additional student costs (childcare, uninsured medical/dental costs for the student, etc.) included in their individual budgets. The figures listed below are nine-month amounts.

Tuition/Out of State:
If you are from out of state, make sure to contact the Residency Classification Office to see if you are eligible for resident tuition under the Choice Act.

2017-18 Student Budget

Lives with Parents Traditional Non-Traditional
Undergrad Grad Undergrad Undergrad Grad
Books $ 825 $ 825 $ 825 $ 825 $ 825
Room & Board $ 4,047 $ 4,047 $ 12,117 $ 15,051 $ 15,051
Personal $ 2,265 $ 2,265 $ 2,265 $ 2,265 $ 2,265
Transportation $ 414 $ 1,296 $ 414 $ 1,296 $ 1,296
————– ————- ————- ————– ————
Total $ 7,551 $ 8,433 $ 15,621 $ 19,437 $ 19,437

Non-Traditional: All graduate/professional students; undergraduates who have children; married undergraduates whose spouses are not enrolled. Registered same-sex domestic partners may request consideration for additional living costs and will need to provide information about their partner’s financial resources when they make the request. Traditional: All single, undergraduate students without dependents (spouse or children) who are living away from a relative’s home; undergraduate married students without children whose spouses are also students.

2017-18 Tuition
(3 Quarters – Seattle Campus)

Resident Non-Resident
Undergraduate $ 11,065* $ 34,143*
Graduate Tier I $ 16,278* $ 35,289*
*Tuition rates listed are estimates for undergraduates for the Seattle campus. See the Office of Planning & Budgeting website for other tuition rates.


These are just some of the tuition rates charged at the University of Washington. For details regarding Graduate Nursing, Graduate Business, Bothell Campus, Tacoma Campus and professional program tuition rates, please review for more information about tuition rates. Students enrolled in Fee Based programs should check with their program office for details about course fees or program fees.