Veterans Education Benefits

Things To Know

Procedures: Once you are registered for classes, complete the Enrollment Certification Request. After your adviser has signed the form, please return the signed form to our office, either in person or via email. We cannot certify your enrollment with the VA without this form, so make sure to complete it before each quarter.

Changes in Schedule: If you add or change your classes please submit a new Enrollment Certification Request with the updated schedule. Even if the total number of credits remain the same you need to submit an updated form. If you drop a class, please notify our office either via email, phone or in person.

VA Policy: You can only be certified for classes that are required to complete your program. The class can be required either as general education or elective.

Out Of State Tuition:  If you are from out of state, make sure to contact the Residency Classification Office to see if you are eligible to be considered a WA resident or to pay resident tuition.

No tuition and fees reported: When certifying your classes before the quarter starts we will not report any tuition and fees. The certification will be amended to reflect tuition and fees after the quarter has started. As such your tuition payment will be delayed but you will not be assessed any late fees from Student Fiscal Services, as it is part of the normal certifying procedure.

Tuition Reduction: If you are paying non-resident tuition, have less than 100% Post 9/11 entitlement, or are using another benefit, you want to see if you are eligible for one of the state tuition waivers. Tuition waivers are not applicable for fee based programs. More information can be found on our website.

Financial Aid: If you are using financial aid, please contact our office to see if your aid is set up to pay towards tuition or fees or if it is set up for direct deposit. All funding automatically pays towards remaining balance on your account. If you are using Post 9/11 benefits, please contact our office to set up your aid for direct deposit.

Room and Board: The monthly housing stipend is paid directly to you by the VA. This means you are responsible for paying rent or any housing charges you have depending on your situation. If you do have room and board through UW, please contact Housing and Food Services to let them know you are using benefits, so you can set up a payment plan with them.

Tuition and Fees: Post 9/11 benefits will cover resident tuition and mandatory fees up to your entitlement percentage. Fees that are not considered mandatory includes late change fee, transcript fee, ID photo fee, and various WSA/UW USAS/WASHPIRG fees.

Study Abroad: UW instructional costs may be covered depending on your program. The VA does not cover fees associated with foreign study, unless it is mandatory for your degree program. The VA will not pay any costs related to travel or third party charges. Your classes must still apply towards your degree program. If your classes apply towards your degree program you may still receive monthly housing allowance (based on UW’s address), and book stipend. If you are participating in a direct exchange the VA will pay tuition and fees as normal, as you are paying UW tuition during your exchange.

Scholarships: Information regarding some of the scholarships available can be found here.

FERPA: In order for us to release any information to another person, such as spouse or parent, we need a permission to release information on file. This can be done either online, or via form. Both versions can be found on the Office of Student Financial Aid website.

Additional Forms: Other forms can be found under Forms.  Here you can find forms for when you are repeating a class, pursuing dual objectives, or extending your date of graduation.

Other Resources: Make sure you are aware of all the resources available to you. There are many other places on campus that student veterans can go to help them excel in their time at UW. Office of Student Veteran Life provides students with programs, access to resources, guidance, and mentors as they transition from military to university life. Other resources available can be found on our website under our Student Life section.