Veterans Education Benefits

Called to Active Duty

If you are called to active duty service while receiving veteran benefits, there are a number of offices on campus that you should notify. This will ensure that you do not pay tuition and fees unnecessarily, that you do not receive benefits you are not entitled to, and that you can easily return to school at a later date.

Veterans Education Benefits Office

Notify the Veterans Education Benefits Office to stop your VA payments. You should bring in a copy of your orders so that your withdrawal date can be submitted to the VA. If you have already deployed, you may fax your orders to the Veterans Education Benefits Office.

Registration Office

In order to receive a full refund of tuition, you must notify the Registration Office. You will need to provide a copy of your orders to have your withdrawal processed. If you do not have your final orders, check with the Registration Office to make sure you can fax the orders to their office as your withdrawal will not be processed until the orders are received.

If you will be returning upon completion of your active duty, get a Returning Student Reenrollment Application from the Registration Office. Check the deadlines for the application.

If you purchased a U-Pass, return it to the Registration Office for a refund of the fee.


If you are living in student housing or a dorm, contact Housing and Food Services.

Financial Aid

Contact Student Financial Aid if you are receiving financial aid in addition to your veteran benefits.

Academic Department

If you are in a major, it is advisable to contact your academic department to let them know you are being called to active duty service.