Student Parent Resource Center

To Receive

After you have been awarded funding for the quarter, if you did not complete a “Child Care Assistance Form – Enrollment Information” with your application you must complete one before funds can be disbursed.  This form indicates who your childcare provider is, their DEL license, so we can verify their eligibility for funding, and their monthly charge.

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Receiving Childcare Subsidy

Funds are disbursed to students via direct deposit through the UW student account system beginning one week prior to the first day of the quarter (except for Summer quarter). Summer quarter funds will be disbursed after July 1st. The funds will be available provided all necessary forms have been properly completed and submitted to the Student Parent Resource Center.

The Childcare Assistance Program covers 3 full calendar months each quarter, regardless of the first/last day of the academic quarter, if childcare costs were accrued.

Sign up for direct deposit through your Financial Aid Status under Student Finances in MyUW.  This direct deposit is separate from any direct deposit you might have set up with UW Payroll.

Please note: it takes 2-3 business days for the funds to arrive in the student’s bank account. If direct deposit is not set up, a check will be mailed to the student’s local address.

Childcare Cost Verification

Students receiving funding from the UW Childcare Assistance Program must complete a Cost Verification Form signed by the student and the childcare provider and provide verification of child care payments.  During the year, those receiving funds will be notified when the form is available and the required deadline to submit the form and documentation.


Information regarding the amount of your funding or disbursement of your funds will not be released to anyone other than the awarded student unless a yearly authorization for information release is completed on-line with the Office of Student Financial Aid (Direct deposit and information release can be set up on-line through your Student Personal Service on your MyUW:

Tax Information

Money received through the Childcare Assistance Program may be considered taxable income and will be listed on your 1098T form. • International Students: If you are receiving additional Grant or Fellowship funding, that combined with your Childcare Grant exceeds your tuition charge you may be subject to a 14% tax on the amount that exceeds tuition. Please review tax information regarding “ Foreign person’s U.S. Source income” at: Please note: we are not trained to advise on tax laws. Please contact a tax advisor for their instructions in utilizing the information on the 1042S when filing your taxes and for U.S. income for Foreign Persons.